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Another word for rude


Another word for rude


Synonym Study

  • Uncivil implies a disregarding of even the most elementary of good manners her uncivil treatment of the waiter
  • Discourteous suggests a lack of dignified consideration for others a discourteous reply
  • Impolite implies merely a failure to observe the forms of polite society it would be impolite to leave so early
  • Boorish now connotes insensitivity and is applied to one who is rude or ill-mannered in a coarse, loud, or overbearing way
  • Ill-mannered suggests ignorance of the amenities of social behavior rather than deliberate rudeness a well-meaning but ill-mannered fellow
  • Rude , in this comparison, implies a deliberate lack of consideration for others' feelings and connotes, especially, insolence, impudence, etc. it was rude of you to ignore your uncle