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Another word for agree

  1. To respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

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  3. To come to an understanding or to terms

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Synonym Study

  • Tally implies exact correspondence of one thing to another their accounts of the incident did not tally See also syn. study at consent.
  • Coincide stresses the identical character of the things considered their needs coincide
  • Correspond is applied to that which matches, complements, or is analogous to something else their Foreign Office corresponds to our State Department
  • Harmonize implies a combination or association of different things in a proportionate or pleasing arrangement harmonizing colors
  • Accord emphasizes fitness for each other of things that are being considered together
  • Conform emphasizes agreement in form or basic character
  • Agree implies being or going together without conflict and is the general term used in expressing an absence of inconsistencies, inequalities, etc.