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Another word for recommend

  1. To aid the cause of by approving or favoring

  2. To give recommendations to (someone) about a decision or course of action

      1. A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
      2. Odysseus's trusted counselor, in whose guise Athena became the guardian and teacher of Telemachus.
      3. To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher, especially in occupational settings.
      1. The act of exchanging opinions and ideas; consultation:
      2. Advice or guidance, especially as solicited from a knowledgeable person.
      3. Private, guarded thoughts or opinions:
      1. To offer advice to; counsel:
      2. To recommend; suggest:
      3. To inform; notify:
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Another word for recommend

  1. To lend support or approval

  2. To make a suggestion or prescription