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Another word for refer

  1. To direct (a person) elsewhere for help or information

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  2. To regard as belonging to or resulting from another

      1. To cause to lie down:
      2. To place in or bring to a particular position:
      3. To bury.
      1. To relate (something, usually something bad) to a particular cause or source; place the fault or responsibility for:
      2. To assign as a characteristic; credit:
      1. An arrangement for deferred payment of a loan or purchase:
      2. The terms governing such an arrangement:
      3. The time allowed for deferred payment:
      1. To impose a duty, responsibility, or obligation on:
      2. To instruct or urge authoritatively; command:
      3. To instruct (a jury) about the law, its application, and the weighing of evidence.
      1. To regard as arising from a particular cause or source; ascribe:
      2. To regard (a work, for example) as belonging to or produced by a specified agent, place, or time:
      3. A quality or characteristic inherent in or ascribed to someone or something.
      1. To select for a duty or office; appoint:
      2. To set apart for a particular purpose or place in a particular category; designate:
      3. To give out as a task; allot:
      1. To regard as arising from a specified cause or source:
      2. To regard as belonging to or produced by a specified agent, place, or time:
      1. To ascribe or attribute (something) to someone:
      2. To give credit to:
      3. To certify as meeting prescribed standards or requirements, as of a profession:
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  3. To call or direct attention to something

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  4. To be pertinent

  5. To look to when in need

      1. To cause to move around an axis or center; cause to rotate or revolve:
      2. To cause to move around in order to achieve a result, such as opening, closing, tightening, or loosening:
      3. To alter or control the functioning of (a mechanical device, for example) by the use of a rotating or similar movement:
      1. To move swiftly on foot so that both or all feet are not on the ground during each stride.
      2. To retreat rapidly; flee:
      3. To depart; leave:
      1. To turn to or make use of a person, strategy, or course of action for help or as a means of achieving something:
      2. To go, especially customarily or frequently; repair:
      3. A place frequented by people for relaxation or recreation:
      1. To restore to sound condition after damage or injury; fix:
      2. To set right; remedy:
      3. To restore or renew:
      1. To move or travel; proceed:
      2. To move away from a place; depart:
      3. To pursue a certain course:
      1. To bring into nearness or contact with something; put on, upon, or to:
      2. To put to or adapt for a special use:
      3. To put into action:

Another word for refer

  1. To concern

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  2. To mention

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  3. To direct

Synonym Study

  • Allude implies indirect, often casual mention, as by a hint or a figure of speech although she used different names, she was alluding to her family
  • Refer implies deliberate, direct, and open mention of something he referred in detail to their corrupt practices