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Another word for cite

  1. To refer to by name

      1. To offer as an example; cite:
      2. To use as an example; cite
      3. To show by means of an instance; exemplify
      1. To cite for honor
      2. To speak or write about, especially briefly or incidentally:
      3. To refer to or speak about briefly or incidentally; specify, as by name
      1. To identify by the right name
      2. To give a name to:
      3. To designate, mention, or refer to by name
      1. To include as an item in a set of specifications
      2. To determine or bring about (a specific result):
      3. To mention, describe, or define in detail; state definitely
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  2. To bring forward for formal consideration

      1. To cite as an example or means of proof in an argument.
      1. To cause to be situated in a particular place or condition
      2. To advance, present, or assert
      3. To present for examination:
      1. To hold, carry, or point (a weapon) in a particular manner as a salutation or sign of honor, usually along the center axis of the body.
      2. To attach to (a pathologic antigen, such as a virus or bacterium) in order to allow the antigen to be recognized and destroyed by T cells. Used of certain immune cells, such as macrophages.
      3. To appear or be felt first during birth. Used of the part of the fetus that proceeds first through the birth canal.
      1. To assert to be true; affirm:
      2. To assert positively, or declare; affirm; esp., to assert without proof
      3. To state (a plea or excuse, for example) in support or denial of a claim or accusation:
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Another word for cite

  1. To summon

      1. To give the command for; order:
      2. To demand or order payment of (a loan or bond issue)
      3. To imitate the sounds of in order to attract (a bird or animal)
      1. To bring before a law court to hear and answer charges
      2. (Law) To call (an accused person) before a criminal court to hear and answer the charge made against him or her.
      3. To call to account, or accuse, before the bar of reason, taste, or any other tribunal.
      1. To put or keep in order; organize; arrange
      2. To give an order or orders; request that something be done or supplied.
      3. To request to be supplied with:
      1. To serve or summon with such a writ.
      2. To order that (specified records, documents, etc.) be brought to a court
      3. To summon with such an order
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  2. To refer to as authority