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Another word for acknowledgment

  1. The act of admitting to something

      1. The act or process of confessing, as in telling one's life story as a series of failings or tribulations.
      2. Something confessed, especially a disclosure of one's sins to a priest for absolution.
      3. In some Christian churches, the sacrament of Penance.
      1. A frank admission or acknowledgment.
      1. The act of admitting or allowing to enter:
      2. The right to enter or be accepted:
      3. The price required or paid for entering; an entrance fee.
  2. Favorable notice, as of an achievement

      1. The act of recognizing or condition of being recognized.
      2. An awareness that something perceived has been perceived before.
      3. An acceptance as true or valid, as of a claim:
      1. An arrangement for deferred payment of a loan or purchase:
      2. The terms governing such an arrangement:
      3. The time allowed for deferred payment:
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Another word for acknowledgment

  1. The act of acknowledging

  2. Something intended to acknowledge

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