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Another word for negation

  1. An often formal act of putting an end to

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  2. A refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge

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Another word for negation

  1. Opposite

      1. Something that is opposite or contrary.
      2. Either of two opposing or contrary things:
      3. (Logic) A proposition related to another in such a way that if the latter is true, the former must be false, but if the latter is false, the former is not necessarily true.
      1. A thing related in a converse way; the opposite
      2. (Logic) A proposition obtained by conversion.
      3. An interchange of thoughts and feelings by means of speech or sign language; conversation.
      1. The state of being contradicted:
      2. One that contains elements that oppose or conflict with one another:
      3. A condition in which things tend to be contrary to each other; inconsistency; discrepancy
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  2. Denial

      1. The refusal, especially by public authorities, to acknowledge a contract or debt.
      2. The act of repudiating or the state of being repudiated.
      1. A statement in opposition to another; denial
      2. The act or an instance of contradicting:
      3. The state of being contradicted:
      1. The position of the superior planet or the moon in this configuration.
      2. A political party or an organized group opposed to the group, party, or government in power.
      3. An opposed condition; resistance, contradiction, contrast, hostility, etc.
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