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Another word for avoidance

  1. The act, an instance, or a means of avoiding

      1. A way, path, etc. between two points that avoids or is auxiliary to the main way; specif., an alternative highway route, as for skirting an urban area
      2. A pipe or channel used to conduct gas or liquid around another pipe or a fixture.
      3. A surgical procedure to create such a channel:
      1. (Computers) A key used especially to interrupt a command, exit a program, or change levels within a program.
      2. A means of escaping.
      3. A means or way of escape
      1. An evading; specif., an avoiding of a duty, question, etc. by deceit or cleverness
      2. A way of doing this; subterfuge
      3. A means of evading; a subterfuge.
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  2. An often formal act of putting an end to

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Another word for avoidance