Sentence Examples

  • Sofia forced herself not to recoil, afraid to touch anyone.
  • Began a new process of recoil on the part of the Hellenistic power.
  • Anything different doesn't seem as human to us and we instinctively recoil from it.
  • The introduction of trunnionless guns recoiling axially through a fixed cradle enabled sights to be attached to the non-recoil parts of the mounting, so that the necessity of removing a delicate telescopic sight every round disappeared, and Q?'
  • These machines, which are driven by compressed air, are very handy in use, as the height and direction of the cut may be readily varied; but the work is rather severe to the driver on account of the recoil shock of the piston, and an assistant is necessary to clear out the small coal from the cut, which limits the rate of cutting.