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Another word for muzzle

  1. The front surface of the head

      1. A cat.
      2. A girl or young woman. Often used as a term of endearment.
      3. A man regarded as weak, timid, or unmanly.
      1. A shallow, wide, open container, usually of metal and without a lid, used for holding liquids, cooking, and other domestic purposes.
      2. An open metal dish used to separate gold or other metal from gravel or waste by washing.
      3. Either of the receptacles on a balance or pair of scales.
      1. A representation, usually on a plane surface, of a region of the earth or heavens.
      2. Something that suggests such a representation, as in clarity of representation.
      3. The correspondence of elements in one set to elements in the same set or another set.
      1. One who kisses:
      2. The mouth.
      3. The face.
      1. A heavy cylindrical drinking cup usually having a handle.
      2. The amount that such a cup can hold.
      1. The face or facial expression of a person; countenance.
      2. Appearance; aspect:
      1. Any of the distinct parts of the face, as the eyes, nose, or mouth.
      2. The overall appearance of the face or its parts.
      3. A prominent or distinctive part, quality, or characteristic:
      1. The surface of the front of the head from the top of the forehead to the base of the chin and from ear to ear.
      2. A person:
      3. A person's countenance:
      1. Appearance, especially the expression of the face:
      2. The face or facial features.
      3. A look or expression indicative of encouragement or of moral support.
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Another word for muzzle

  1. To fasten a muzzle upon

      1. To render less intense, sensitive, or vigorous:
      2. To make soundproof.
      3. To make less colorful or brilliant.
      1. To wrap, enclose, or cover:
      2. To surround:
      1. To wrap up, as in a blanket or shawl, for warmth, protection, or secrecy.
      2. To wrap or pad in order to deaden the sound:
      3. To deaden (a sound):
      1. To arrange or fold (something) about as cover or protection:
      2. To cover, envelop, or encase, as by folding or coiling something about:
      3. To enclose, especially in paper, and fasten:
      1. To place something upon or over, so as to protect or conceal:
      2. To overlay or spread with something:
      3. To put a cover or covering on:
      1. To insert into or provide with a sheath.
      2. To retract (a claw) into a sheath.
      3. To enclose with a protective covering; encase.
      1. A structure for confining birds or animals, enclosed on at least one side by a grating of wires or bars that lets in air and light.
      2. A barred room or fenced enclosure for confining prisoners.
      3. An enclosing openwork structure:
  2. To silence

      1. Used to express a demand for silence.
      2. To demand silence from by saying “shush”:
      1. Not moving or in motion:
      2. Free from disturbance, agitation, or commotion:
      3. Of or relating to a single or static photograph as opposed to a movie.
      1. To make silent or quiet.
      2. To calm; soothe.
      3. To keep from public knowledge; suppress mention of. Often used with up :
      1. To close (an opening or hole) by covering, filling in, or plugging up:
      2. To constrict (an opening or orifice):
      3. To obstruct or block passage on (a road, for example).
      1. A piece of paper that is a negotiable instrument drawn on a bank and payable on demand to the person identified as the payee. A piece of paper that is a negotiable instrument drawn on a bank and payable on demand to the person identified as the payee.
      1. To put an end to forcibly; subdue:
      2. To curtail or prohibit the activities of:
      3. To keep from being revealed, published, or circulated:
      1. To hold back or prevent by an act of volition:
      2. To put down or subdue by force:
      3. To end, limit, or restrain, as by intimidation or other action:
      1. To keep or confine within physical limits:
      2. To prevent or prohibit beyond a certain limit or by restriction:
      1. To interrupt or cut off (the voice, for example).
      2. To keep in or hold back; repress:
      3. To kill by preventing respiration; smother or suffocate.
      1. A shackle used to teach a horse to amble.
      2. Something that restricts activity, expression, or progress; a restraint.
      3. A vertically set fishing net of three layers, consisting of a finely meshed net between two nets of coarse mesh.
      1. To hold back or keep in check; control:
      2. To prevent (a person or group) from doing something or acting in a certain way:
      3. To hold, fasten, or secure so as to prevent or limit movement:
      1. Something forced into or put over the mouth to prevent speaking or crying out.
      2. An obstacle to or a censoring of free speech.
      3. A device placed in the mouth to keep it open, as in dentistry.