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Another word for concession

  1. An accommodation made in the light of special or extenuating circumstances

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Another word for concession

  1. A conceding

  2. A privilege granted by a government or company

      1. A privilege or right granted by law, especially the right to vote in the election of public officials.
      2. A special privilege given by government to a corporation or an individual to engage in a particular activity using public facilities, especially to provide a public service such as transportation or communications.
      3. The establishment of a corporation, including the granting of certain privileges such as exemption from individual liability for the acts of the corporation.
      1. To allow or consent to the fulfillment of (something requested):
      2. To give or confer officially or formally:
      3. To transfer (property) by a deed.
      1. The act of authorizing.
      2. Something that authorizes; a sanction.
      1. To allow the doing of (something); consent to:
      2. To grant consent or leave to (someone); authorize:
      3. To afford opportunity or possibility for: