Sentence Examples

  • He was singularly unfortunate even when he gave in, delaying his acquiescence until it had the air of a surrender.
  • My acquiescence lightened the mood for the remainder of the trip as Betsy and Howie chatted as if future sessions were a faite accompli.
  • The whole position was changed by the acquiescence, which became universal, in the doctrine of Darwin.
  • His veto may be over-ridden by a two-thirds vote in each chamber, and permitting ten days to pass without signing an act is considered as acquiescence and it is promulgated by congress.
  • In 1802 the board of agriculture requested him to direct his attention to agricultural subjects; and in 1803, with the acquiescence of the Royal Institution, he gave his first course of lectures on agricultural chemistry and continued them for ten successive years, ultimately publishing their substance as Elements of Agricultural Chemistry in 1813.