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Another word for submission

  1. The act of submitting or surrendering to the power of another

      1. The act of surrendering, yielding, or giving up, over, or in
      2. (Insurance) The voluntary abandonment of a policy by an insured person in return for a cash payment (surrender value), thus freeing the company of liability
      3. The act or an instance of surrendering:
      1. A document containing terms of surrender, articles of concession, etc.; treaty; covenant
      2. The act of capitulating; conditional surrender
      3. A document containing the terms of surrender.
  2. The quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

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  3. Something that is put forward for consideration

      1. A suggesting or being suggested
      2. The sequential process by which one thought or mental image leads to another.
      3. The act of suggesting:
      1. A matter to be dealt with; a task:
      2. (Logic) An informative statement whose truth or falsity can be evaluated by means of logic
      3. A plan suggested for acceptance; a proposal.
      1. The act of proposing.
      2. A plan, action, etc. proposed
      3. (Law) The offer by a party of what he has in view as to an intended business transaction, which, with acceptance, constitutes a contract.
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Another word for submission

  1. Resignation

  2. Subjection

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