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Another word for proposal

  1. Something that is put forward for consideration

      1. A subject or statement to be discussed or debated
      2. A subject for discussion or analysis.
      3. (Logic) An informative statement whose truth or falsity can be evaluated by means of logic
      1. The act of submitting something to another for decision, consideration, etc.
      2. The act or fact of submitting to the power of another:
      3. (Law) An agreement whereby parties to a dispute submit the matter to arbitration and agree to be bound by the decision
      1. A hint or trace:
      2. A psychological process by which an idea is induced in or adopted by another without argument, command, or coercion.
      3. The act of suggesting:
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  2. Something offered

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Another word for proposal

  1. Offer

      1. A similar orchestral work intended for independent concert performance.
      2. An act, offer, or proposal that indicates readiness to undertake a course of action or open a relationship.
      3. An introductory proposal or offer; indication of willingness to negotiate
      1. Advice; counsel
      2. The act of recommending, or calling attention to, a person or thing as suited to some purpose
      3. Something that recommends, especially a favorable statement concerning character or qualifications.
      1. (Archaic) A setting forth; offering
      2. A matter to be dealt with; a task:
      3. An offer of a private bargain, especially a request for sexual relations.
      1. (Law) A proposal supported by adequate consideration, the full and complete acceptance of which constitutes a contract
      2. (Used in combinations from phrasal verbs) agent noun of off
      3. The act of offering:
      1. The act of suggesting:
      2. The sequential process by which one thought or mental image leads to another.
      3. The idea induced or the stimulus used to induce it
      1. An attempt or try
      2. An invitation, especially one offering membership in a group or club.
      3. An offer to pay a certain amount of money for something:
      1. The ability or power to move:
      2. Active operation:
      3. (Law) An application made to a court for an order or a ruling.
      1. The act or an instance of submitting a name for candidacy or appointment.
      2. The act or an instance of appointing a person to office.
      3. The act of nominating or the fact of being nominated
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  2. Plan

      1. An orderly plan or arrangement of related parts:
      2. An orderly combination of things on a definite plan; system
      3. A visionary plan or project
      1. A plan or procedure for dealing with some matter
      2. The presentation itself:
      3. A plan or system of academic and related or ancillary activities:
      1. A document, distributed to prospective members, investors, buyers, or participants, which describes an institution (such as a university), a publication, or a business and what it has to offer.
      2. A formal summary of a proposed venture or project.
      3. A document describing the chief features of something, such as a business, an educational program, or especially a stock offering or mutual fund, for prospective buyers, investors, or participants.
      1. An extensive task undertaken by a student or group of students to apply, illustrate, or supplement classroom lessons.
      2. A proposal of something to be done; plan; scheme
      3. An undertaking requiring concerted effort:
      1. A matter to be dealt with; a task:
      2. Something proposed; proposal, plan
      3. A plan suggested for acceptance; a proposal.
      1. A systematic arrangement of elements or important parts; a configuration or outline:
      2. A program or policy stipulating a service or benefit:
      3. A scheme or program for making, doing, or arranging something; project, design, schedule, etc.
      1. A sketch done in this style.
      2. A general plan without detail
      3. A preliminary draft or plan, as of a project or proposal.
      1. A graphic representation, especially a detailed plan for construction or manufacture.
      2. A plan; scheme; project
      3. A particular plan or method:
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  3. An offer of marriage

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Synonym Study

  • Proposition specifically applies to a statement, theorem, etc., set forth for argument, demonstration, proof, etc. the proposition that all men are created equal, but it is also used similarly to proposal with reference to business dealings and the like
  • Proposal refers to a plan, offer, etc. presented for acceptance or rejection the proposal for a decrease in taxes was approved