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Another word for nomination

  1. The act of appointing to an office or position

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Another word for nomination

      1. The act of submitting something to another for decision, consideration, etc.
      2. The act or fact of submitting to the power of another:
      3. (Law) An agreement whereby parties to a dispute submit the matter to arbitration and agree to be bound by the decision
      1. The act of proposing
      2. A plan, action, etc. proposed
      3. (Law) The offer by a party of what he has in view as to an intended business transaction, which, with acceptance, constitutes a contract.
      1. The act of designating; a marking or pointing out.
      2. A distinguishing name, title, etc.
      3. Nomination or appointment.
      1. The process of giving names to things.
      2. The act of announcing the name of a person, organization etc.
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