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Another word for engagement

  1. A commitment, as for a performance by an entertainer

      1. A light, two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse.
      2. A long light ship's boat, usually reserved for use by the ship's captain.
      3. A fast light rowboat.
      1. An engagement, as for a performance by an entertainer.
      2. A reservation, as for accommodations at a hotel.
  2. The act or condition of being pledged to marry

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  3. A declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing

      1. pledged word; solemn promise; oath
      1. A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.
      2. Something said; an utterance, remark, or comment:
      3. A command or direction; an order:
      1. A judicial writ authorizing the search or seizure of property, arrest of a person, or the execution of a legal judgment.
      2. A voucher authorizing payment or receipt of money.
      3. An option to buy stock at a specified price from an issuing company.
      1. An earnest promise to perform a specified act or behave in a certain manner, especially a solemn promise to live and act in accordance with the rules of a religious order:
      2. To promise solemnly; pledge.
      3. To make a pledge or threat to undertake:
      1. A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; a vow.
      2. Something promised.
      3. Indication of something favorable to come; expectation:
      1. A situation, especially a bad or unfortunate one.
      1. A solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something:
      2. Something given or held as security to guarantee payment of a debt or fulfillment of an obligation.
      3. The condition of something thus given or held:
      1. A promise to be answerable for the debt or obligation of another in the event of nonpayment or nonperformance.
      2. Something given as security for the execution, completion, or existence of something else.
      3. The act of providing such security.
      1. Something that assures a particular outcome or condition:
      2. A promise or assurance, especially one given in writing, that attests to the quality or durability of a product or service.
      3. A pledge that something will be performed in a specified manner.
      1. A binding agreement; a compact.
      2. A condition in a contract such as a deed or lease, nonperformance or violation of which gives rise to a cause of action for breach.
      3. A contract.
      1. A statement or indication that inspires confidence; a guarantee or pledge:
      2. Freedom from doubt; certainty about something:
      3. Self-confidence:
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  4. A commitment to appear at a certain time and place

      1. An agreement between lovers to meet at a certain time and place.
      2. A usually private meeting or meeting place that has been agreed on by lovers.
      3. To keep a tryst.
      1. A meeting at a prearranged time and place.
      2. A prearranged meeting place, especially an assembly point for troops or ships.
      3. A popular gathering place:
      1. The time stated in terms of the day, month, and year:
      2. A statement of calendar time, as on a document.
      3. A particular point or period of time at which something happened or existed, or is expected to happen:
      1. The act of assigning:
      2. Something assigned, especially an allotment.
      3. An appointment to meet in secret, especially between lovers.
      1. The act of appointing or designating someone for an office or position.
      2. The office or position to which one has been appointed.
      3. An arrangement to do something or meet someone at a particular time and place.
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  5. The act of employing for wages

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  6. A hostile encounter between opposing military forces

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Another word for engagement

  1. A predetermined action

      1. The act of referring a legislative bill to committee.
      2. Official consignment, as to a prison or mental health facility.
      3. A court order authorizing consignment to a prison.
      1. A social, legal, or moral requirement, such as a duty, contract, or promise, that compels one to follow or avoid a particular course of action:
      2. The constraining power of a promise, contract, law, or sense of duty:
      3. A document in which a person binds himself or herself to undertake or refrain from doing a particular act.
      1. A meeting at a prearranged time and place.
      2. A prearranged meeting place, especially an assembly point for troops or ships.
      3. A popular gathering place:
      1. The act or process or an instance of coming together; an encounter.
      2. An assembly or gathering of people, as for a business, social, or religious purpose.
  2. The state of being betrothed

  3. A battle

      1. A minor battle in war, as one between small forces or between large forces avoiding direct conflict.
      2. A minor or preliminary conflict or dispute:
      3. To engage in a minor battle or dispute.
      1. To oppose in battle; fight against.
      2. To act or work in order to eliminate, curtail, or stop:
      3. To engage in fighting; contend or struggle.
      1. The state or process of acting or doing:
      2. Something that is done or accomplished; a deed.
      3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective: