Sentence Examples

  • Whether it's the first picture of a celebrity baby, a hot new couple or someone who's resurfaced after months in isolation or a stint in rehab, it's sure to create buzz and most importantly, sell magazines and garner hits for Web sites.
  • No, not his 1997 stint as action hero Batman for which, along with his role as carpenter and handyman George Burnett on the 80's series The Facts of Life, he has long since been forgiven (hey, everyone has to start somewhere).
  • If you are going to put five three-minute songs in a row for a good cardio stint, you'll want to choose three songs with a fairly high number of beats per minute, but not so high that you can't sustain the level for fifteen minutes.
  • Finding songs released by former Idol contestants after their stint on the show or original tracks performed on the show is relatively easy, but finding downloads of Idol performances themselves can be a little bit harder.
  • Minutilla, the American stint, is darker, with olive feet, and ranges from the Arctic New World to Brazil.