Sentence Examples

  • (1775-1799), was treated with scant respect by his neighbours.
  • The sands and clays found here are fine and soft, and as there is scant vegetation to protect the hillsides they are easily eroded by the rains.
  • Recent logic does scant justice to scientific analysis.
  • Cleomenes seems to have received scant justice at the hands of Herodotus or his informants, and Pausanias (iii.
  • It has been suggested, but with very scant measure of probability, that the existence of elephants in Borneo, whose confinement to a single district is remarkable and unexplained, is due to importation; and the fact is on record that when Magellan's ships visited Brunei in 1522 tame elephants were in use at the court of the sultan of Brunei.