Save Synonyms and Antonyms

To hoard
  1. lay up
  2. store
  3. collect
  4. Also used with up: lay in
  5. lay apart
  6. lay in
  7. amass
  8. accumulate
  9. gather
  10. treasure up
  11. store-up
  12. lay aside
  13. pile up
  14. hide-away
  15. stockpile
  16. cache
  17. stow-away
  18. draw the purse strings
  19. save-up
To avoid
  1. endanger
  2. leave open
  3. make vulnerable
To reserve
Record data on a computer
  1. write
Make unnecessary an expenditure or effort
  1. make unnecessary
To deliver from sin
  1. rescue from sin
  2. reclaim
  3. regenerate
  4. bring into spiritual life
  5. deliver from the power of Satan
  1. condemn
  2. damn
  3. send to Hell

Words Related to Save

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