Sentence Examples

  • Because there are no true objectives (other than to try to amass as much riches as possible, just like in real life), points, scores, or anything of that sort, Second Life technically isn't a "game" in the traditional sense of the word.
  • Law practices that have extended cases, like trial cases that amass big expenses during the trial, benefit from a line of credit because they can conduct business without tying up their own resources.
  • When it comes to dressing for the office, it's important to amass a selection of well-made items that promise to stand the test of time, hold your essentials with ease and keep you comfortable.
  • Along the way, you'll fill out stacks of paperwork, amass mountains of documentation, and field questions from professionals about your home, yourself, and other family members' private lives.
  • It let her amass an army unlike any that had ever existed and showed her the key to victory.