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Another word for scatter

  1. To cause to separate and go in various directions

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  2. To disappear by or as if by rising

  3. To extend over a wide area

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Another word for scatter

  1. To become separated

  2. To cause to separate

  3. To seed

  4. To waste

Synonym Study

  • Dispel suggests a scattering that drives away something that obscures, confuses, troubles, etc. to dispel fears
  • Dissipate implies complete dissolution, as by crumbling, wasting, etc. to dissipate a fortune
  • Disperse implies a scattering which completely breaks up an assemblage and spreads the individuals far and wide a people dispersed throughout the world
  • Scatter implies a strewing around loosely to scatter seeds or a forcible driving apart in different directions the breeze scattered the papers