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Another word for radiate

  1. To emit a bright light

      1. To emit light.
      2. To reflect light; glint or glisten.
      3. To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; excel.
      1. To make or become incandescent.
      1. To shine brightly and steadily, especially without a flame:
      2. To have a bright, warm, usually reddish color:
      3. To flush; blush.
      1. A brief beam or flash of light:
      2. A steady but subdued shining; a glow:
      3. A brief or dim indication; a trace:
      1. To undergo combustion or be consumed as fuel:
      2. To be damaged, injured, or destroyed by fire, heat, radiation, electricity, or a caustic agent:
      3. To consume fuel:
      1. A brilliant burst of fire; a flame.
      2. A destructive fire.
      3. A bright or steady light or glare:
      1. A squared-off log or a large, oblong piece of timber, metal, or stone used especially as a horizontal support in construction.
      2. A transverse structural member of a ship's frame, used to support a deck and to brace the sides against stress.
      3. The breadth of a ship at the widest point.
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  2. To send out heat, light, or energy

      1. To propel through the air with a motion of the hand or arm.
      2. To propel or discharge into the air by any means:
      3. To cause to move with great force or speed; propel or displace:
      1. To have (a growth or covering) be disconnected or fall off by a natural process:
      2. To rid oneself of (something not wanted or needed):
      3. To take off (an article of clothing).
      1. An undertaking requiring concerted effort:
      2. An extensive task undertaken by a student or group of students to apply, illustrate, or supplement classroom lessons.
      3. A plan or proposal for accomplishing something.
      1. To expose to radiation.
      2. To treat with radiation:
      3. To shed light on; illuminate.
      1. To give or send out (matter or energy):
      2. To give out as sound; utter:
      3. To voice; express:
      1. To throw (something, especially something light):
      2. To throw with force; hurl:
      3. To throw or propel a lure or bait at the end of (a fishing line) into the water so as to catch fish or other aquatic life.
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  3. To extend over a wide area

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Another word for radiate

  1. To send forth from a center

  2. To shed light or heat