Sentence Examples

  • The one complaint I had about the previous game was that you end up with so many weapon and soul choices, but you only end up using one set that you get used to and rarely have the need to diversify your tactics.
  • If you know you still have 10+ years of earning, diversify your income and spending in preparation for what will be more reasonable on your own investments, without Social Security.
  • To diversify properly and mingle well together the reds, whites, purples, yellows and blues, with all their intervening shades, requires considerable taste and powers of combination; and ascertained failures may be rectified at the proper time the next season.
  • Numerous small affluents of the Missouri enrich and diversify the north-east quarter.
  • In recent years there has been a tendency to diversify crops, Indian corn, wheat and oats being raised extensively in the "Cereal Belt."