Sentence Examples

  • Just like traditional deck light fixtures, solar lights can be used to illuminate your deck area with soft light, but instead of cords and electrical power sources, these lights are powered by the sun's energy.
  • You may think that your camera's flash will aid in taking stellar shots of fireworks, but it is unlikely that a built-in flash or even an add-on will be powerful enough to further illuminate the night sky.
  • After the sun sets lights mounted in the hull of the vessel illuminate the reef and offer the opportunity to view the island's nocturnal sea life, including Kona's famous manta rays.
  • With different types of fixtures to go with this type of light, including pendants and directional spot lighting, curved or straight rails, track lighting can even be used to illuminate architectural details and artwork.
  • There is always the possibility that you haven't yet met "the one", that lone individual who will somehow see past your weaknesses and character deficiencies and gently illuminate the better aspects of your being.