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Another word for explain

  1. To make understandable

  2. To find a solution for

  3. To offer reasons for or a cause of

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    explain away

  1. To conceal or make light of a fault or offense

Another word for explain


Synonym Study

  • Construe suggests a careful interpretation of something especially where meaning is ambiguous her silence was construed as agreement
  • To interpret is to bring out meanings not immediately apparent, as by translation, searching insight, or special knowledge how do you interpret his behavior?
  • Elucidate implies a shedding light upon by clear and specific explanation, illustration, etc. to elucidate the country's foreign policy
  • Explicate implies a scholarly analysis or exposition that is developed in detail the explication of a Biblical passage
  • Expound implies a systematic and thorough explanation, often by a person having expert knowledge to expound a theory
  • Explain implies making clear or intelligible something that is not known or understood to explain how a machine operates