Sentence Examples

  • If your bruise worsens, begins to swell, does not fade or begin to fade within a week, occurs for no clear reason or occurs frequently for no explainable reason, you are advised to seek medical attention.
  • In the end, most established paranormal research groups do an excellent job separating explainable phenomenon from authentic paranormal activity.
  • These situations are sometimes explainable with thorough medical testing; both women and men can be infertile for a variety of reasons.
  • People may feel tired for no explainable reason, such as the sensation of having a general lack of sleep.
  • Away from land and more probably were caused by subsidence; the old river-channels known to exist below sea-level, as well as the former land connexion with New Guinea, seem to point to the conditions assumed in Darwin's well-known subsidence theory, and any facts that appear to be inconsistent with the theory of a steady and prolonged subsidence are explainable by the assumption of a slight upheaval.