Sentence Examples

  • The incidents of this episode were a favorite subject in the sculptures of his temples, where their representation was accompanied by a poetical version of the affair and other explanatory inscriptions.
  • These collections contain introductions and explanatory passages by the author.
  • A copy of the orders and an explanatory letter were in fact despatched to the II.
  • Their long lists of the occurrences of words and forms fixed with accuracy the present (Masoretic) text, which they had produced, and were invaluable to subsequent lexicographers, while their system of vowel-points and accents not only gives us the pronunciation and manner of reading traditional about the 7th century A.D., but frequently serves also the purpose of an explanatory commentary.
  • Friedlein (Leipzig, 1867); German translation of the De Musica, with explanatory notes, by O.