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Another word for describe

  1. To give a verbal account of

      1. To read (descriptive or narrative passages), as in a documentary film
      2. To give an account of (happenings, etc.)
      3. To tell (a story) in writing or speech
      1. To repeat or say aloud from or as from memory, esp. in a formal way; give a recitation on (a lesson) in class or of (a poem, speech, etc.) before an audience
      2. To repeat or say aloud something memorized
      3. To tell in detail; give an account of; narrate; relate
      1. To tell in order or one by one
      2. To tell in detail; give an account of; narrate
      3. To tell over; to relate in detail; to recite; to tell or narrate the particulars of; to rehearse; to enumerate; as, to recount one's blessings.
      1. To narrate; to relate; to tell.
      2. To repeat, as what has been already said; to tell over again; to recite.
      3. To tell in detail; narrate or describe in sequence and at length
      1. To understand and sympathize or agree with someone or something: with to
      2. To connect or associate, as in thought or meaning; show as having to do with; show a relation between
      3. To tell the story of or give an account of; narrate; recount
      1. To give an account of, often at regular intervals; give information about (something seen, done, etc.); recount
      2. To present oneself:
      3. To write or provide an account or summation of for publication or broadcast:
      1. To communicate by speech or writing; express with words:
      2. To give a detailed account of; narrate:
      3. To report; announce; publish
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  2. To present a lifelike image of

      1. To describe or characterize in words:
      2. To mark, form, or show the outline or border of:
      3. To show or contain a distinguishing characteristic of; distinguish:
      1. To render a representation of something, using words, sounds, images, or other means.
      2. To picture in words; describe
      3. To represent in a drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.; portray; picture
      1. To picture, represent, or symbolize in music, art, etc.
      2. To show by sign; symbolize; signify
      3. To manifest or communicate, as by a gesture; show:
      1. (Computers) To print (a file) using a laser printer, imagesetter, direct-to-plate press, or similar device.
      2. To describe, especially so vividly as to evoke a mental picture:
      3. To picture mentally; imagine or visualize:
      1. To paint or draw
      2. To suffuse or highlight with light or color; illuminate:
      3. To describe or portray in words.
      1. To make visible; show clearly; reflect
      2. To form a mental image of; visualize:
      3. To form a mental picture or impression of; imagine
      1. (Figuratively) To describe in words; to convey.
      2. To describe or depict in a certain way:
      3. To represent dramatically, as on the stage:
      1. To transfer (a suspect or prisoner) from one country to another by rendition.
      2. To express in other words; esp., to translate
      3. To give, hand over, deliver, present, or submit, as for approval, consideration, payment, etc.
      1. To draw attention to by way of remonstrance or protest:
      2. To describe or put forward (a person or thing) as an embodiment of a specified quality:
      3. To serve as a specimen, example, type, or instance of; exemplify or typify
      1. (Slang) To make an appearance; show up:
      2. To cause or allow to be seen; display:
      3. To enter (animals, flowers, etc.) in a competitive show
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Another word for describe