Sentence Examples

  • It was as Martha described—green, with the familiar Lucky Strike label in red at the center.
  • SPANDRIL, or Spandrel (formerly splaundrel, a word of unknown origin), in architecture, the space between any arch or curved brace and the level label, beams, &c., over the same.
  • Palgrave (Central and Eastern Arabia) remarked: "Those who, like most Europeans at home, only know the date from the dried specimens of that fruit shown beneath a label in shop-windows, can hardly imagine how delicious it is when eaten fresh and in Central Arabia.
  • After mounting are written - usually in the right-hand corner of the sheet, or on a label there affixed - the designation of each species, the date and place of gathering, and the name of the collector.
  • The development of meaning in French from a label to ceremonial rules is not difficult in itself, but, as the New English Dictionary points out, the history has not been clearly established.