Sentence Examples

  • He adopted the name Grynaeus from the epithet of Apollo in Virgil.
  • Her star was the planet Venus, and classical writers give her the epithet Caelestis and Urania.
  • One of these was that involved in the practice, now grown almost universal, of bestowing the epithet Oeotokos, "Mother of God," upon Mary the mother of Jesus.
  • The most common and consistent tradition connects Homer with the valley of Smyrna and the banks of the Meles; his figure was one of the stock types on Smyrnaean coins, one class of which was called Homerian; the epithet "Melesigenes" was applied to him; the cave where he was wont to compose his poems was shown near the source of the river; his temple, the Homereum, stood on its banks.
  • It was simply a covering epithet, and like the word "god" could be transferred from one deity to another.