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Another word for blasphemy

  1. An act of disrespect or impiety toward something regarded as sacred

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  2. A profane or obscene term

      1. To curse or curse at.
      2. A curse.
      3. A stubborn or annoying person or animal.
      1. An obscene or blasphemous word.
      1. A solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge, often calling on God, a god, or a sacred object as witness.
      2. The words or formula of such a declaration or promise.
      3. Something declared or promised.
      1. An exclamation or oath, especially one that is profane, vulgar, or obscene.
      2. A word or phrase that does not contribute any meaning but is added only to fill out a sentence or a metrical line.
      3. A word or other grammatical element that has no meaning but is needed to fill a syntactic position, such as the words it and there in the sentences It's raining and There are many books on the table.
      1. A term used to characterize a person or thing, such as rosy-fingered in rosy-fingered dawn or the Great in Catherine the Great.
      2. A term used as a descriptive substitute for the name or title of a person, such as The Great Emancipator for Abraham Lincoln.
      3. A disparaging or abusive word or phrase.
      1. An appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone or something.
      2. Evil or misfortune that comes as if in response to such an appeal:
      3. A source or cause of evil; a scourge:

Another word for blasphemy


Synonym Study

  • Swearing and cursing , in this connection, both refer to the utterance of profane oaths and imprecations, the latter more particularly to the calling down of evil upon someone or something
  • Profanity applies to language that makes impious use of sacred names
  • Blasphemy , the strongest of the following terms, is used of a remark deliberately mocking or contemptuous of God or something held as sacred