Sentence Examples

  • In addition, the Clovers cheerleaders embellished their "response" cheer with some profanity, which while understandable for the characters, should never be used in an actual cheer.
  • Additionally, potentially objectionable subject matter, such as violence, nudity, sex, profanity, and other topics might be perceived by some parents as acceptable in some contexts and completely inappropriate in others.
  • You'll see more profanity, more plotting, more "extracurricular" activities amongst the houseguests and maybe a little insight as to why they behave the way the do (which is sometimes a little crazy).
  • Instead, the ratings provided by this service range from zero to ten, and separate values are assigned to the following three categories: profanity, violence and gore, and sex and nudity.
  • If a movie has a nine in profanity and a one in sex and nudity, you can expect that the film will contain a great deal of cursing, but little or no content that involves sex or nudity.