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Another word for reverence

  1. The act of adoring, especially reverently

  1. To regard with great awe and devotion

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Another word for reverence

  1. A reverential attitude

  2. The expression of reverence

Synonym Study

  • Dread , as it comes into comparison here, suggests extreme fear mixed with awe or reverence a dread of divine retribution
  • Awe refers to a feeling of fearful or profound respect or wonder inspired by the greatness, superiority, grandeur, etc. of a person or thing and suggests an immobilizing effect
  • Veneration implies worshipful reverence for a person or thing regarded as hallowed or sacred and specifically suggests acts of religious devotion
  • Reverence is applied to a feeling of deep respect mingled with love for someone or something one holds sacred or inviolable and suggests a display of homage, deference, etc.