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Another word for fear

  1. Great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

  1. To be afraid of

Another word for fear

  1. Alarm occasioned by immediate danger

  2. General apprehension

  1. To anticipate immediate danger

  2. To be apprehensive

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Synonym Study

  • Panic refers to a frantic, unreasoning fear, often one that spreads quickly and leads to irrational, aimless action the cry of ``fire!"" created a panic
  • Terror applies to an overwhelming, often paralyzing fear the terror of soldiers in combat
  • Alarm implies the fright felt at the sudden realization of danger he felt alarm at the sight of the pistol
  • Fright applies to a sudden, shocking, usually momentary fear the mouse gave her a fright
  • Dread refers to the fear or depression felt in anticipating something dangerous or disagreeable to live in dread of poverty
  • Fear is the general term for the anxiety and agitation felt at the presence of danger