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Another word for brave

  1. Having or showing courage

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  1. One who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people

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  1. To confront boldly and courageously

      1. To confront boldly.
      2. To furnish with a beard.
      3. To face or oppose courageously or brazenly, as if grasping by the beard; defy
      1. To confront or struggle with (something) as a test of one's abilities:
      2. To summon to action, effort, or use; stimulate:
      3. To take exception to; call into question; dispute:
      1. To have the courage required for:
      2. To be courageous or bold enough to do or try something:
      3. To oppose and defy; face
      1. To challenge or dare (someone) to do something:
      2. To resist completely in a baffling way
      3. To oppose or resist with boldness and assurance:
      1. To line or trim the edge of, especially with contrasting material:
      2. To occupy a position with the face toward:
      3. To bring or to be brought face to face with:
      1. To have a front; face onto something else:
      2. To serve as a front for.
      3. To face; be opposite to

Another word for brave

  1. Courageous

      1. To bring face to face with:
      2. To come up against; encounter:
      3. To come face to face with, especially with defiance or hostility:
      1. To expose to the chance of injury, damage, or loss; hazard
      2. To incur the risk of:
      3. To incur the risk of
      1. To pay respectful or flattering attention to (a person) in order to get something
      2. To try to gain the love or affections of, especially to seek to marry.
      3. To behave so as to invite or incur:
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Synonym Study

  • Plucky emphasizes gameness in fighting against something when one is at a decided disadvantage
  • Intrepid implies absolute fearlessness and esp. suggests dauntlessness in facing the new or unknown
  • Valiant emphasizes a heroic quality in the courage or fortitude shown
  • Audacious suggests an imprudent or reckless boldness
  • Bold stresses a daring temperament, whether displayed courageously, presumptuously, or defiantly
  • Courageous suggests readiness to deal with things fearlessly by reason of a stout-hearted temperament or a resolute spirit
  • Brave implies fearlessness in meeting danger or difficulty and has the broadest application of the words considered here