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Another word for temerity

  1. Foolhardy boldness or disregard of danger

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Another word for temerity


Synonym Study

  • Nerve , cheek , and gall are colloquial equivalents of effrontery , but nerve and cheek usually suggest mere impudence or sauciness and gall, unmitigated insolence
  • Effrontery , always derogatory in usage, connotes shamelessness or insolence in defying the rules of propriety, courtesy, etc. his effrontery in addressing the teacher by her first name
  • Audacity suggests either great presumption or defiance of social conventions, morals, etc. shocked at the audacity of his proposal
  • Temerity refers to a rashness or foolish boldness that results from underrating the dangers or failing to evaluate the consequences he had the temerity to criticize his employer