Sentence Examples

  • I don't mean to make her feel unwelcome, but it was her own carelessness that got her into this situation.
  • The longer fragments produce the impression of great discursiveness and carelessness, but at the same time of considerable force.
  • But an undue increase in the number of blocks used, combined with the inferiority of the imported colors and carelessness or loss of skill in printing, brought about a rapid decline soon after 1840.
  • His principal faults are his carelessness and inaccuracy in matters of chronology, his lack of artistic skill in the presentation of his material, his desultory method of treatment, and his failure to look below the surface and grasp the real significance and vital connexion of events.
  • But the dispersion of Louis of Anjou's troops and his carelessness, together with the lack of success which attended the preaching of a crusade in Germany, France and England, finally decided John XXIII.