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Another word for caress

  1. To touch or stroke affectionately

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Another word for caress

Synonym Study

  • Dandle implies the showing of playful affection toward a child by moving him or her up and down lightly on the knee
  • Cuddle implies affectionate handling, as of a small child by its mother, by pressing or drawing close within the arms
  • Pet , as applied generally, implies treatment with special affection and indulgence, including gentle patting and stroking, but informally it refers to indulgence, esp. by young couples, in hugging, kissing, and amorous caresses
  • Fondle implies a more demonstrative show of love or affection, as by stroking or hugging, or may connote touching or stroking in making sexual advances
  • Caress refers to a display of affection by gentle stroking or touching