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Another word for repulse

  1. To turn or drive away

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Another word for repulse

      1. An abrupt, blunt refusal of offered advice, help, etc.
      2. A sudden resistance or refusal.
      3. A check or an abrupt setback to progress or action:
      1. An unanticipated or sudden check in progress; a change from better to worse.
      2. (US) The required distance between a structure and a road.
      3. The required minimum distance between a building and a property line (often, specif., the front property line) established by local code or ordinance
      1. (Nautical) A sudden checking, as of a rope or cable running out.
      2. A deliberate slight or affront.
      3. Scornful, slighting action or treatment; affront
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  1. To drive back

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  2. To rebuff

      1. To reject something contemptuously.
      2. To show contempt or disdain in refusing or rejecting
      3. To reject with disdain or contempt.
      1. To pass over or skip from (a record set by a record changer) without playing
      2. To refuse to give sufficient parental affection or care to (a child or young animal).
      3. To turn down (an applicant, as for a job); refuse to accept.
      1. To treat with scorn, contempt, disdain, etc.; behave coldly toward; slight or ignore
      2. To secure (a vessel, for example) in this manner.
      3. To dismiss, turn down, or frustrate the expectations of.
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  3. To disgust

      1. To cause to feel nausea; make sick
      2. To cause nausea in.
      3. (Intransitive) To become squeamish; to feel nausea; to turn away with disgust.
      1. To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in:
      2. To create resentment, anger, or displeasure; give offense
      3. To violate a rule or law:
      1. To rise up against the government
      2. To attempt to overthrow the authority of the state; rebel.
      3. To refuse to submit to authority, custom, etc.; rebel; mutiny
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