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Another word for rebuff

  1. A deliberate slight

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  1. To slight (someone) deliberately

      1. To slight or snub (someone).
      1. To show contempt or disdain in refusing or rejecting
      2. (Archaic) To kick at or tread on disdainfully.
      3. (Archaic) To push or drive away contemptuously with or as with the foot
      1. To treat with scorn, contempt, disdain, etc.; behave coldly toward; slight or ignore
      2. (Nautical) To check the movement of (a rope or cable running out) by turning it quickly about a post or cleat.
      3. To dismiss, turn down, or frustrate the expectations of.
      1. To avoid, especially persistently.
      2. To stay away from; not go to:
      3. To keep away from; avoid scrupulously or consistently, often, specif., as a practice by a group against a co-worker, coreligionist, etc. who has fallen out of favor
      1. To separate into parts with a sharp-edged instrument; sever:
      2. To form or shape by severing or incising:
      3. To perform:

Another word for rebuff

  1. To reject