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Another word for refuse

  1. To be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

  2. To be unwilling to grant

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Another word for refuse

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Synonym Study

  • To spurn is to refuse or reject with contempt or disdain she spurned his attentions
  • Repudiate implies the disowning, disavowal, or casting off with condemnation of a person or thing as having no authority, worth, validity, truth, etc. to repudiate the claims of faith healers
  • Reject stresses a negative or antagonistic attitude and implies positive refusal to accept, use, believe, etc. they rejected the damaged goods
  • Decline implies courtesy in expressing one's nonacceptance of an invitation, proposal, etc. he declined the nomination
  • Refuse is a direct, sometimes even blunt term, implying an emphatic denial of a request, demand, etc. to refuse a person money, to refuse permission