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Another word for scorn

  1. The feeling of despising

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  1. To regard with utter contempt and disdain

Another word for scorn

  1. To treat with scorn

  2. To refuse as a matter of principle

      1. To give up, relinquish, or reject something.
      2. To decide or declare that one will no longer engage in (a practice) or use (something):
      3. To give up (a title or possession, for example), especially by formal announcement.
      1. To refuse to accept socially; avoid having social contact with:
      2. To keep away from; avoid scrupulously or consistently, often, specif., as a practice by a group against a co-worker, coreligionist, etc. who has fallen out of favor
      3. To avoid, especially persistently.
      1. To stay clear of; go around or away from:
      2. To prevent from happening:
      3. To refrain from using, engaging in, or partaking of:
      1. To refuse to accept, submit to, believe, or make use of:
      2. To refuse to give sufficient parental affection or care to (a child or young animal).
      3. To refuse to take, agree to, accede to, use, believe, etc.
      1. To deny the truth of (a charge, etc.)
      2. To refuse to accept or support; deny the validity or authority of (a belief, a treaty, etc.)
      3. To disown (a child, for example).
      1. To show contempt or disdain in refusing or rejecting
      2. To reject something contemptuously.
      3. To refuse or reject with contempt or disdain; scorn
      1. To resist completely in a baffling way
      2. To be beyond the application or scope of; be contrary or resistant to:
      3. To challenge or dare (someone) to do something:
      1. To mock or scoff at; show scorn or contempt for
      2. To express contempt for the rules by word or action.
      3. To ignore or disregard (a rule or convention, for example) in an open or defiant way:
      1. (Law) To reject (a bill of indictment) for lack of evidence
      2. To disregard deliberately; pay no attention to; refuse to consider