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Another word for contempt

  1. The feeling of despising

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  2. The disposition boldly to defy or resist authority or an opposing force

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Another word for contempt

  1. A feeling of scorn

      1. Small in size, degree, or amount:
      2. Lacking strength, substance, or solidity; frail:
      3. Of small importance or consideration; trifling:
      1. The act of ridiculing or laughing at someone or something.
      2. A state of being derided:
      1. To regard or treat with haughty contempt:
      2. To consider or reject (doing something) as beneath oneself:
      3. A feeling or show of contempt and aloofness; scorn.
      1. Contempt or disdain felt toward a person or object considered despicable or unworthy:
      2. The expression of such an attitude in behavior or speech; derision:
      3. The state of being despised or dishonored:
  2. A state of disgrace

      1. An association of disgrace or public disapproval with something, such as an action or condition:
      2. A visible indicator of disease.
      3. A small bodily mark, especially a birthmark or scar, that is congenital or indicative of a condition or disease.
      1. Loss of honor, respect, or reputation.
      2. The condition of having lost honor or good repute.
      3. A cause of loss of honor:
      1. A painful emotion caused by the awareness of having done something wrong or foolish:
      2. Respect for propriety or morality:
      3. A pervasive, negative emotional state, usually originating in childhood, marked by chronic self-reproach and a sense of personal failure.
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