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Another word for disgrace

  1. Loss of or damage to one's reputation

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  1. To damage in reputation

Another word for disgrace

  1. A shameful condition

  2. Whatever lowers one in the eyes of one's fellows

      1. (Historical) A letter A in scarlet cloth required to be worn by those convicted of adultery in 17th-century Puritan New England.
      2. (Historical) A red letter A worn by a person convicted of adultery
      1. An unfavorable item in one's record
      1. The act or process of polluting or the state of being polluted, especially the contamination of soil, water, or the atmosphere by the discharge of harmful substances.
      2. Something that pollutes; a pollutant or a group of pollutants:
      1. A film or layer of discoloration on a metal surface caused by corrosion or oxidation.
      2. The condition of being tarnished:
      3. The condition of being disgraced or made less estimable:
      1. An infectious or contaminating trace; infection, decay, etc.
      2. A trace of corruption, disgrace, evil, etc.
      3. An undesirable or corrupting influence or association:
      1. The condition of being susceptible to bribery or corruption.
      2. State, quality, or instance of being venal; willingness to be bribed or bought off, or to prostitute one's talents for mercenary considerations
      3. The use of a position of trust for dishonest gain.
      1. A mean act; as, to be guilty of a meanness.
      2. (Uncountable) The condition, or quality, of being mean; want of excellence; poorness; lowness; baseness; sordidness; stinginess.
      1. The act or process of corrupting.
      2. Something corrupted, as an improperly altered word or text
      3. The act or fact of making, becoming, or being corrupt
      1. Depravity; baseness.
      2. An instance of this
      3. A base act.
      1. (Geology) A general lowering of the earth's surface by erosion or weathering.
      2. The act or process of degrading.
      3. (Chemistry) Decomposition of a compound, especially complex substances such as polymers and proteins, by stages, exhibiting well-defined intermediate products.
      1. The act of humiliating; degradation.
      2. The state of being humiliated or disgraced; shame.
      3. A humiliating condition or circumstance.
      1. One that stands as a rebuke or blame:
      2. (Obs.) An object of blame, censure, scorn, etc.
      3. Shame, disgrace, discredit, or blame, or a source, cause, or occasion of this
      1. An instance or source of this:
      2. Disgraceful, shameful, or contemptible quality, behavior, or act
      3. Great personal dishonor or humiliation:
      1. The condition of having lost honor or good repute.
      2. A person, thing, or action that brings dishonor; discredit
      3. Failure to pay or refusal to accept a note, a bill, or another commercial obligation.
      1. Any flaw, defect, or shortcoming
      2. A small mark that makes the appearance of something less attractive.
      3. A mark that mars the appearance, as a stain, spot, scar, etc.
      1. (Backgammon) An exposed piece, liable to capture
      2. A spot or a stain caused by a discoloring substance:
      3. A spot or stain, esp. of ink
      1. Such a spoken statement
      2. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.
      3. The utterance in the presence of another person of a false statement or statements, damaging to a third person's character or reputation: usually distinguished from libel, which is written
      1. A small area of different color or texture from the main area of which it is a part; often, a mark made by some foreign matter; stain, blot, speck, patch, etc.
      2. (Informal) A spot advertisement or announcement
      3. A popular given name for a dog.
      1. A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product, service, or organization.
      2. An association of positive qualities with a widely recognized name, as of a product line or celebrity:
      3. A product or service so identified:
      1. Something that detracts from the character or reputation of a person, group, etc.; mark of disgrace or reproach
      2. (Christianity) Bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain corresponding in location to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus, believed to be given as divine recognition of devotion.
      3. (Archaic) A mark burned into the skin as a visible identifier of a person as a criminal or slave; a brand.
      1. A deliberate discourtesy; a snub:
      2. A slighting or being slighted by pointedly indifferent, disrespectful, or supercilious treatment
      3. The act of slighting; a deliberate act of neglect or discourtesy.
      1. A group of such notes
      2. (Music) A curved line written above or below two or more successive notes of different pitch that are to be sounded without a noticeable break
      3. Any remark or action that harms or is meant to harm someone's reputation; aspersion, reproach, stigma, etc.
      1. A substance used to impart color in staining
      2. A liquid substance applied especially to wood that penetrates the surface and imparts a rich color.
      3. A discoloration, streak, or spot resulting from staining
      1. Something that causes disgrace or loss of status
      2. Something that brings disgrace or distrust:
      3. Lack or loss of trust or belief; doubt:
      1. (--- Psychiatry) A pervasive, negative emotional state, usually originating in childhood, marked by chronic self-reproach and a sense of personal failure.
      2. A tendency to have feelings of this kind, or a capacity for such feeling
      3. A painful feeling of having lost the respect of others because of the improper behavior, incompetence, etc. of oneself or of someone that one is close to or associated with
      1. Damage to reputation or character caused by public disclosure of immoral or grossly improper behavior; disgrace.
      2. Talk that is damaging to one's character; malicious gossip.
      3. A person, thing, or circumstance that causes or ought to cause disgrace or outrage: