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Another word for embarrass

  1. To cause (a person) to be self-consciously distressed

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  3. To make complex, intricate, or perplexing

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Synonym Study

  • Rattle and faze are less formal equivalents for disconcert , but the former emphasizes emotional agitation, and the latter is most commonly used in negative constructions danger does not faze him
  • To disconcert is to cause someone to lose self-possession quickly, resulting in confusion or mental disorganization his interruptions were disconcerting
  • Discomfit implies a frustration of plans or expectations and often connotes a resultant feeling of discomposure or humiliation
  • Abash implies a sudden loss of self-confidence and a growing feeling of shame or inadequacy I stood abashed at his rebukes
  • To embarrass is to cause to feel ill at ease so as to result in a loss of composure embarrassed by their compliments