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Another word for frighten

  1. To fill with fear

      1. Sudden intense fear, as of something immediately threatening.
      2. Something extremely unsightly, alarming, or strange:
      3. To frighten.
      1. To fill or overpower with terror; terrify.
      2. To coerce or intimidate by causing fear.
      1. To fill with terror; make deeply afraid:
      2. To drive or force by arousing fear:
      1. To cause to make a quick involuntary movement or start.
      2. To alarm, frighten, or surprise suddenly.
      3. To become alarmed, frightened, or surprised.
      1. To make shallow cuts in (the skin), as when vaccinating.
      2. To create a design on (the skin) by means of shallow cuts that are sometimes rubbed with a colorant or irritant to enhance the resulting scar tissue.
      3. To break up the surface of (topsoil or pavement).
      1. To strike with sudden fear; alarm.
      2. To become frightened:
      3. A condition or sensation of sudden fear:
      1. A sudden, overpowering feeling of fear, often affecting many people at once.
      2. A state of extreme anxiety, such as that involved in a panic attack.
      3. A state of frantic activity, usually accompanied by extreme concern or anxiety:
      1. Sudden fear or concern caused by the realization of danger or an impending setback.
      2. A warning of existing or approaching danger:
      3. A device that is used to warn of danger by means of a sound or signal:
      1. To arouse fear in; terrify:
      2. Great fear; terror.
      3. A cause of terror.

Another word for frighten

  1. To strike with fear

  2. To drive off, because of alarm

Synonym Study

  • Terrorize implies deliberate intention to terrify by threat or intimidation the gangsters terrorized the city
  • To terrify is to cause to feel an overwhelming, often paralyzing fear terrified at the thought of war
  • Alarm suggests a sudden fear or apprehension at the realization of an approaching danger alarmed by his warning
  • Scare , often equivalent to frighten , often implies a fear that causes one to flee or to stop doing something I scared him from the room
  • Frighten is the broadest of these terms and implies, usually, a sudden, temporary feeling of fear frightened by a mouse but sometimes, a state of continued dread she's frightened when she's alone