Sentence Examples

  • Wine sellers then use the score to entice customers to purchase wines with a "verified" quality, and wine buyers seek out wines granted a high score when they are looking for a bottle that is guaranteed to be good.
  • If a business is going to spend millions of dollars developing a new product, for example, they are going to want to make sure the promotional materials for this product are well written and able to entice customers to make the purchase.
  • "I keep trying to entice you, but you seem immune to me," he teased.
  • So he had come up to entice Katie back.
  • The Ikshid, sovereign of Egypt and Syria, offered him a refuge, but Tuzun, fearing to see the caliph obtain such powerful support, found means to entice him to his tent, and had his eyes put out, Saphar 333 (October 944).