Sentence Examples

  • Alex concocted this ridiculous trip to coax Katie to come back to Houston.
  • Spherical wand: This wand may resemble a mini medieval torture device, but the round shape actually helps coax short lashes up and out, from corner to corner, which creates a wide eyed, lengthened look.
  • The young Skywalker Jedi is then lured to Bespin by Darth Vader who hopes he can coax the younger Skywalker into joining the darkside.
  • Sure, you may have to coax them away from their favorite TV show or xBox game, but once you try some classic card games and learn some new ones together, you may find that your kids want to know when they can play cards again.
  • However, don't forget to take into account the different shapes available-round, tube, oval, star, rondelle, and so on, or the filler beads you may need in between to coax that creation in your mind to life.