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Another word for tempt

  1. To beguile or draw into a wrong or foolish course of action

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  3. To behave so as to bring on (danger, for example)

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Synonym Study

  • Seduce implies enticement to an improper or wrongful act, esp. to loss of chastity
  • Beguile suggests the use of subtly alluring devices in leading someone on beguiled by her sweet words
  • Decoy implies the use of deceptive appearances in luring into a trap artificial birds are used to decoy wild ducks
  • Inveigle suggests the use of deception or cajolery in enticing someone they inveigled him with false promises
  • Entice implies a crafty or skillful attracting by offering hope of reward or pleasure he enticed the squirrel to eat from his hand
  • Lure suggests an irresistible force, as desire, greed, or curiosity, in attracting someone, often to something harmful or evil lured on by false hopes
  • Tempt suggests the influence of a powerful attraction that tends to overcome scruples or judgment I'm tempted to accept your offer