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Another word for decoy

      1. (Philos.) In Platonism, the process wherein sensible objects imperfectly embody unchanging, immaterial models or archetypes
      2. (Music) Repetition of a phrase or melody often with variations in key, rhythm, and voice.
      3. Something derived or copied from an original, often in an inferior way:
      1. (Archaic) A stop for rest or food during a journey
      2. Food, etc. put on a hook or trap to lure fish or animals
      3. Food or other lure placed on a hook or in a trap and used in the taking of fish, birds, or other animals.
      1. Something that tempts or attracts with the promise of pleasure or reward:
      2. Something that tempts or attracts, especially one with a promise of reward or pleasure.
      3. A device consisting of a bunch of feathers on the end of a long cord, often baited with food: it is used in falconry to recall the hawk
      1. Anything or anyone not genuine; fraud; counterfeit
      2. One that is not authentic or genuine; a sham.
      3. (Sports) A brief feint or aborted change of direction intended to mislead one's opponent or the opposing team.